At Danish Graphene we produce functionalised graphene that is easily customised for your specific application and product. Our materials are produced with a unique method that allows us to incorporate various chemical handles on the graphene. This surface modification makes it easier to interact with the graphene. 

The added functionalisation assists in dispersing the graphene as it increases the spacing between the flakes so they do not restack. Increased solubility and dispersibility are key to achieving the best performance in most applications.


When developing your new products and optimizing properties you might want to see if the properties of graphene could give your product an extra boost. But how do you choose the right graphene material? The graphene market can be difficult to navigate if you do not have pre-existing knowledge about the different types of graphene materials available.

You will need to look at your product and the application it is used for, are you interested in increased mechanical performance, increased electrical conductance or something else? How can the properties of graphene help improve your product? No matter the application one of the key parameters in order to get good results is a very good dispersion of the graphene product. Functionalised graphene gives a high degree of dispersion of graphene in your product. 

No matter the application or the material you are working with we have the expertise to guide you through choosing the right type of graphene.

Danish Graphene Development Areas


With our unique production method we are able to produce green graphene oxide that is more sustainable and safer to manufacture than traditional graphene oxide, made with Hummers' method. Introducing a more environmentally friendly graphene oxide product to the market will help more companies to use graphene materials in their products with as little impact on the environment as possible while improving their applications with graphene. 


The thermal properties of graphene are unmatched by any known material which is why we have developed enhanced thermal interface materials with graphene. The first product coming to the market in 2023 is our thermal adhesive for space electronics, a two-component epoxy system with high thermal conductivity at low additive concentration. This is an area with great potential for Danish Graphene and more products are already in development. 


Using graphene in coatings can have various improvements from anti-static to anti-corrosive applications. Graphene is non-permeable which means it can create long diffusion paths in coatings to increase the anti-corrosive properties needed in many industries. With regulations banning several anti-corrosion additives in the coming years, graphene could be the alternative needed to keep the coating industry going!


The potential of graphene in batteries to improve conductivity, cycle-life, and performance is great, which is why Danish Graphene is investing in developing graphene for enhancing batteries. 


Informational video about graphene starring one of the fathers of graphene Sir Konstantin Novoselov. The video is narrated in Danish and produced by DR.

Graphene is a material consisting of only a single atom thick layer of carbon arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is a unique material with extraordinary properties, such as incredible strength, great electrical and thermal conductivity and high flexibility to mention a few. Adding graphene to composites can transfer these properties into new and improved materials with for example increased performance, better abrasion resistance, and conductive/antistatic properties.


If you want to hear more or you are interested in trying out our graphene for your application get in touch with us! 

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